A. Evolution B. Plant Genetics C. Animal Genetics D. Microbes, Cells & Mutation E. Molecular Genetics F. Human Genetics G. Special Symposia
Session 1
September 11th
A. 1 Population Genomics B.1 Signal Transduction in Plants C.1 Ageing D.1 Vector Borne Diseases in Humans E.1 Applications of CRISPR F. Drug Addiction G.1 Genetics in Brazil
Session 2
September 11th
A.2 Natural Selection and Adaptation B.2 Plant Reproduction & Development C.2 Genetic Specification of Behaviour D. 2 Host-Pathogen Interactions in Agriculture E.2 The Manpulation of Genes - Beyond CRISPR F.2 Pharmacogenomics
G.2 Young Geneticist Award
Session 3
September 12th
A.3 Adapting to Climate Change B.3 Plant Breeding C.3 Animal Development - Model Systems D.3 CRISPR-cas Systems in Prokaryotes E.3 Gene regulation F.3 Using Big Data Sets to Understand Human Diseases G.3 Sharing of Genomic and Other Health related Data in Latin America: Towards a Common Approach?
Session 4
September 12th
A.4 Conservation Genetics B.4 Plant Evolution C.4 Immunogenetics D.4 DNA Damage and Repair E.4 Chromatin and Epigenetics F.4 Neurodegenerative Disease G.4Cancer biology
Session 5
September 13th
A.5 Phylogeography B.5 Crop Protection C.5 Tissue Regeneration D.5 Environmental Pollution and Genetic Risks to Human Health E.5 Non Coding RNAs F.5 Bioethics and the Future of Humankind  
Session 6
September 14th
A.6 Speciation B.6 Stress Tolerance in Plants C.6 Comparative Genomics D.6 Stem Cells and Therapy E.6 Mutation and Genome Instability in Cancer F.6 Tracing Human History  
Session 7
September 14th
A.7 Evo-Devo B.7 Plant Biodiversity C.7 Animal Breeding D.7 Microorganisms environmental interactions E.7 Mitochondrial Disease F.7 Cancer Biology in Model Systems