Abstract submission



1. Abstracts can only be submitted after registration and payment confirmation.

2. The presenting author must register for the event and, if an SBG member, be up to date with the SBG annuity.

3. The abstract should be sent electronically as a PDF file. DOC or DOCX files will not be accepted.

4. The abstract must be written in English.

5. The submitted abstract should be related to plant genetics.

6. Each participant can submit one abstract as presenter, but be the co-author in more than one abstract.

7. Submitted abstracts will be analyzed by the Scientific Committee and the decision on acceptance will be provided in the presenter’s account.

8. Decisions will be based on the following aspects: clearly defined and relevant objectives, appropriate methodology, clearly presented results, and relevant conclusions.

9. The quality of the text (grammar and spelling) is the authors’ responsibility and will be a criterion for decision.

10. The deadline for abstract submissions will be February 25, 2019, after which submission forms will no longer be available.

11. The approved abstracts must be displayed as posters during the event. The size of the panels for each poster will be 1 x 1 m.

12. One certificate will be issued for each presented abstract. The certificate will include the title of the study and the name of the author and all co-authors according to the information submitted in the system.

13. Abstracts should be submitted as a Word for Windows file, with size 11 Arial font, single line spacing, and justified paragraph.

14. Posters must be fixed to the panel by a hanging cord or tape;

15. All presentations must be in English.



ABSTRACT MODEL - (download here)

Abstracts must have between 200 and 450 words (use the Word Count tool from introduction to conclusion)

Below is an example of how an abstract should look like.