General information


1) The registration is individual and non-transferable.
2) The registration must be done electronically.
3) Cancellations and refund* (this applies only for those that did not submit an abstract).
4) Registration fee payed by note of commitment**
5) Students and postdocs must upload supporting documents directly through the system at the time of registration.


*Cancellations and Refund

The refund of the registration fee will be made up to 45 days after the event in cases of participation cancellations that were informed and formally justified.

For refunds, the following must be submitted:

  • Non-justified - Refund Application Form + copy of proof of payment.

  • Attendee health problem - Refund Application Form + copy of the medical certificate + copy of proof of payment.

  • Double payment - Refund Application Form + copies of the two proofs of payments.


Attention please: THE REFUND APPLICATION FORM and supporting documents SHOULD BE SENT TO: c[email protected]

Refund Application Form


**Note of commitment:

1) Registrations done by means of NOTES OF COMMITMENT can be done up to February 28, 2019;

2) For registration confirmation, the paying Institution must send to the event organizing committee a Note of Commitment containing the name of the paying institution and the name and contact information of the responsible person, including telephone number, e-mail address, full address, and name of participant(s). In addition, the electronic registration form(s) must be completed and submitted on the event website;

3) As a non-profit entity, the Brazilian Society of Genetics (SBG) has federal taxes exemption, as stated in Article 15 of Law 9,532 / 97, and thus it does not issue invoices. Documents that can be issued are:

• Receipt on company letterhead and stamped paper;
• Letter of tax exemption;
• CNPJ card;
• FGTS negative certificate.

4) After payment of the Note of Commitment, the paying institution must send the proof of payment to [email protected] to finalize the process.

5) If the Note of Commitment is not honored or the document has missing information based on item 2 (above), the registered person must pay the registration fee according to his category at the event;

6) If a double payment of the registration fee occurs, the refund will be made in full by bank deposit up to 30 days after the event;

7) Those that do not comply with the above guidelines will not be considered for Note of Commitment payment.


The registered participant will be entitled to:

  • The folder with the complete program of the event, provided at location;
  • The Certificate of Participation of the meeting, provided through the website;
  • The Study Presentation Certificate, provided through the website;
  • ​​​​​​​Attendees will have access to all meeting activities.


Registration Period:

If submitting an abstract the deadline is February 25, 2019.
Otherwise, the deadline is May 3, 2019.
The online registration will be available until April 18, 2019 - after this date registrations can be made at the venue of the event.


Attendees will receive an individual and non-transferable badge to be used during all meeting activities, and for access to the meeting venue. A replacement badge can be issued upon payment of 50% of the registration fee.



For advanced registrations, receipts are available in the Online Registration menu.
For registrations on site, receipts will be provided at the time of registration.