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CABANA Workshop: Exploring Biological Networks and its Application in Health and Disease

Salvador - BA
04 de Maio de 2020

Course Overview

This workshop will introduce open-source tools for creating, visualizing and analysing biological networks oriented towards the study of pathogens. Training will be provided on computational tools and databases such as Reactome, Cytoscape, Gephi for graph visualization and analyses, MetaFlux, Pathway Tools, BioCyc for reconstruction of pathway/genome databases using omics data, and Target Pathogen for the discovery of targets using integrative approaches. The main principles of network analysis will be covered as well as its applications to health and disease.

Syllabus, Tools and Resources

During this course you will learn about:

  • Network Analysis and Metabolic Reconstruction: Cytoscape, Pathway Tools, Metaflux.
  • Pathway, Signaling and Interaction Resources: Reactome, STRING, Target-Pathogen, Biocyc, Biomolecular network databases of the European Bioinformatics Institute.


The workshop is aimed at biologists and computer scientists wanting to learn the basics of network analysis and biological data curation for clinically relevant pathogens. Trainees should be undertaking research at postgraduate-level upwards focusing on infectious diseases. No previous experience using interaction data resources is needed.

Please note this course will be taught in English, however the trainers are fluent in either Spanish/Portuguese, and can offer language support where feasible. Priority will also be given to those who have not attended a CABANA event yet.


Travel fellowships available

Eight travel fellowships are available to Latin-American applicants working in a Latin American country. These cover mobility costs to attend the workshop.



The course will take place in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, at the Center of Data and Knowledge Integration for Health (CIDACS) in Instituto Gonçalo Moniz (FIOCRUZ-Bahia).


More info

A registration fee of R$ 200,00 (Brazilian Reais) for all registered participants includes:


  •     Lunch and refreshment breaks
  •     Course materials
  •     Use of a computer in the IT Training Room throughout the course (you can bring your own laptop if you want)
  •     Course dinner on 8th May
  •     Accomodation throughout the course period.



Full programme and inscriptions available at: http://bit.ly/ExploringNetworks


Application deadline 08th March 2020!


See you in Salvador!


Maria Bernardi - FCEN-UBA

Dario Fernández Do Porto - IQUIBICEN-UBA

Piraveen Gopalasingam - EMBL-EBI, UK

Pablo Ivan Pereira Ramos - FIOCRUZ -Bahia

Henning Hermjakob - EMBL-EBI, UK

XXIII Encontro de Genética do Nordeste

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