Pre Congress Events

Mini-courses (Minicourses are in Portuguese language, but Optical mapping to understand plant genomes structure

Minicourses are specific and planned based on suggestions submitted by the partners and participants requests. The objective of the minicourses is to sponsor and circulate new tools, methodologies, techniques and diverse products that are used in Genetics research.


31st REGEM - Microbial Genetics Meeting

The general objective of the REGEM is to promote the integration of undergraduate and graduate students, Brazilian and international researchers, as well, as teachers and students from basic education, promoting and disseminating new approaches and results in Genetics. Thus, projects of high standards, compatible with cutting-edge scientific knowledge are introduced to the international scenario, and can be passed on to the Brazilian society.


Genética na Praça (Outdoor Genetics Workshop is in Portuguese language)

The event aims to contribute to the development of Genetics research and teaching in Brazil, encouraging knowledge propagation and the integration between researchers and students in the field. The participation of outstanding figures from Education and Science is fundamental for the sucess of this event. 


VI Fundamental Aspects of DNA Repair and Mutagenesis (Satellite Meeting for the International Congress of Genetics)

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the VI FARM-DNA Satellite Meeting for the International Congress of Genetics!
The purpose of the meeting is to promote the area of genome stability science in Brazil, by encouraging the interaction between scientists and students covering various aspects of DNA repair and mutagenesis. The aim is to sow the seeds of knowledge of the mechanisms cells maintain the genome stability.
We will be pleased to meet you in São Paulo September 7th to 9th!
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