A. Evolution B. Plant Genetics C. Animal Genetics D. Microbes, Cells & Mutation E. Molecular Genetics F. Human Genetics G. Special Symposia
Session 1
September 11th
A. 1 Population Genomics B.1 Signal Transduction in Plants C.1 Ageing

D.1 Stem Cells and Therapy

  F. Drug Addiction G.1 Symposium to Honor Francisco M. Salzano
Session 2
September 11th
A.2 Natural Selection and Adaptation B.2 Plant Reproduction & Development C.2 Genetic Specification of Behaviour D. 2 Host-Pathogen Interactions in Agriculture   F.2 Pharmacogenomics
G.2 Young Geneticist Award
Session 3
September 12th
A.3 Adapting to Climate Change B.3 Plant Breeding C.3 Animal Development - Model Systems D.3 CRISPR-cas Systems in Prokaryotes E.3 Gene regulation F.3 Using Big Data Sets to Understand Human Diseases G.3 Sharing of Genomic and Other Health related Data in Latin America: Towards a Common Approach?
Session 4
September 12th
A.4 Conservation Genetics B.4 Plant Evolution C.4 Immunogenetics D.4 DNA Damage and Repair E.4 Chromatin and Epigenetics F.4 Neurological and Neuropsychiatric Disorders  
Session 5
September 13th
A.5 Phylogeography B.5 Crop Protection C.5 Tissue Regeneration D.5 Microorganisms environmental interactions E.5 Non Coding RNAs F.5 Bioethics and the Future of Humankind  
Session 6
September 14th
A.6 Speciation B.6 Stress Tolerance in Plants C.6 Comparative Genomics

D.6 Vector Borne Diseases in Humans

E.6 Mutation and Genome Instability in Cancer F.6 Tracing Human History  
Session 7
September 14th
A.7 Evo-Devo B.7 Plant Biodiversity C.7 Animal Breeding D.7 Variation in Microbiomes-Phenotypic Impacts E.7 Mitochondrial Disease F.7 Cancer Biology