Mayana Zatz - Conferencista Confirmada
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17 de Abril de 2018

Mayana Zatz

Mayana Zatz is Professor of Human and Medical Genetics. Director of the Human Genome Research Center (Hug-cell)  at the University of São Paulo ( USP).  She is Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and Academy of Sciences for the developing world (TWAS). Her researches in human and medical genetics, are focused mainly in neuromuscular disorders , aging and  stem-cells (modeling genetic disorders and cell therapy) , focusing the following aspects: gene identification, genotype-phenotype correlations , and mechanisms underlying clinical variability. She has published 400 peer-reviewed papers ( December, 2017), which were cited  9500  times (average 32  per paper). H index = 48, (web of knowledge); H=61, (Google Scholar, 16350 citations) . She mentored 49 Msc and or PhD thesis.  She was awarded several international prizes such as: L 'Oreal 's / UNESCO for Women in Science-as the best Latin American researcher in 2001 - TWAS for Research in Medical Sciences in 2004,   Mexican  Prize of Science and Technology in 2008 and Gaetano Conte in 2011. She was columnist of the weekly magazine VEJA having written more than 250  articles for lay people. She  is author of the book Gen ÉTICA. She has been actively involved in ethical aspects related to genome research, genetic testing and scientific political decisions regarding the approval of the embryonic stem -cells bill in 2005 and 2008.

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